10 Things to Ask When Choosing an Art School

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10 Things to Ask When Choosing an Art School

Asking the right questions can help prospective students choose the right art school. Here’s a top-ten list of questions compiled by admissions directors that you should ask to find out which art school is right for you.

1. What is the school’s learning environment? Are the classrooms and studios well maintained?

2. What are the class sizes? Would you learn better in smaller, hands-on classrooms or larger seminars?

3. Who is teaching the classes? Are the faculty members industry professionals?

4. Is the school using the latest technology in each art area?

5. What kind of support services does the school offer? Is there academic support like peer tutoring? Would you have opportunities to join clubs or pursue creative interests outside of the school?

6. What kind of work is being produced by current students? What are the school’s graduates doing now? Are they working in the field they studied? 

7. Where is the school located? How will that location enhance your education? 

8. When do students start focusing on their major? Some art schools have an accelerated year-round curriculum that enables students to graduate sooner than their peers and get a jump on the competition. 

9. Does the school offer professional support to graduating students? Who will help you find internships and help you transition to the work world? 

10. How much will it cost? There are many costs beyond tuition, including books and supplies, housing, food, and transportation.