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Planning for art school is an important time in a creative person’s life – that’s why we created this website for you.

ArtSchool.com is a product of The Art Institutes, America’s Leader in Creative Education. Our website is designed to inform prospective art school students and their friends and families on the subject of getting an art school education. We believe a creative education can open many doors for artistic and imaginative individuals to achieve professional goals.

We encourage creative people to explore who they are, what sparks their interests, and the education opportunities that can lead them to a fulfilling career … as you will see on this website, there are plenty of career options.

At ArtSchool.com, we also understand the needs of the creative community. Whether it is design, media arts, fashion, or culinary, each field requires certain skill sets and offers unique experiences. To enrich our readers with a full understanding of what art school has to offer, we have divided our editorial content into four sections:

Our writers talk to creative professionals, employers, art school staff and faculty, and other industry experts to give you information straight from the people who know what it takes to first enter art school and then pursue art careers.

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The Art Institutes is a system of more than 45 education institutions located throughout North America.