Alumni Success Can Inspire New, Current Students

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Alumni Success Can Inspire New, Current Students

Want to know how well an art school will prepare you for the real world? Check out the school’s alumni. Learning about the accomplishments that alumni have achieved since graduation can help you to decide which art school will be your best fit.

Student success stories can be found on just about any school website, in addition to a school’s other promotional materials. Take a look at the alumni. Are they outstanding? What are they doing now? What types of businesses are they working in and what are some of their positions? 

Success breeds success, college alumni affairs professionals say, and that’s why alumni success stories are often used to attract you to a school. But hearing about notable alumni at your art school can also motivate you as a current student, says Christine Pacheco, director of career services for The Art Institute of Colorado.

Pacheco’s school regularly brings alumni in as guest speakers for both current students and during admissions events.

“It shows both prospective and current students that there are real possibilities in the creative industries,” says Pacheco.

Pacheco also believes that it is inspiring for you to hear about obstacles that successful alumni have had to overcome, because you may be able to relate to them.

Alumni stories can help set realistic expectations for you because there are different degrees of success. You can see the progression of a successful career and learn about the experiences that other people had when trying to find work in their field. 

“It’s about creating realistic expectations. You probably are not going to get the celebrity job right out of school,” Pacheco says.