Art School Graduate – Life After Graduation

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Art School Graduate – Life After Graduation

So you’re an art school graduate. How will life after college be different for you, and what should you expect personally and professionally? ArtSchool looks at life after graduation and some of the things you may not be expecting.

Social Media for Art School GraduatesSocial media was a great way for you to stay connected with friends and family while you were in art school, but as you begin to seriously look for a career, some of your posts and pictures may give a future employer the wrong idea. But don’t worry, the answer isn’t to “go dark”; just clean up your act a little. Set privacy settings a little higher, and get rid of the really racy stuff.

Being an Art School Graduate Doesn’t = Job – Ok, so you have the degree and the training that look good on a resume, but that doesn’t mean employers are going to be beating down your door to give you money. You need to do some legwork, and you need to be prepared to wait for the right job to come around. It would be great if there was a great job waiting for everyone right after college, but to get the position you want, you may need to put in some time, play the field, and sometimes wish for a little luck.

Life After Graduation and Getting Insurance – You have probably never had to give much thought to health insurance, but once you are done with art school you will have to. In most situations you will have to find insurance on your own, which is expensive when you are paying out of pocket. Make getting insurance a priority, and ask about it when you are applying for jobs. You may feel young and invincible, but your health is not something to take a chance on.

Life After College Friends – You made friends for life while you were at art school; well at least you thought you did. There will be a small group (maybe only one person) that you keep in touch with, but you will find that as you move into the professional ranks, you have less and less in common with some of the friends you hung out with in art school. It’s a new stage in your life, so don’t be afraid to meet some new people.

Being an Art School Graduate and Other Goals – For a long time your primary goal has been to graduate from art school. Ok, you did it, now its time to set some new goals to re-motivate yourself for the next stage of you life. Many graduates run into a one-year funk a year after graduating because they have not set new goals and begun to pursue them.

Get Some Sleep Art School Graduates – One of the biggest adjustments for art school graduates is becoming accustomed to the hours kept in the real world. The days of getting up at noon are over, so get used to early mornings, starting the day productively, and maybe acquiring a taste for Starbucks.

Busy Life After Graduations – One of the biggest surprises for recent graduates is how much there is to being a grownup with a job. Between work, bills, eating, sleeping, and cleaning there is not a ton of time for just hanging out. New graduates need to make sure that they make time for themselves, and realize that a lot can be done in a weekend – so get to it.