Art School Life Outside the Classroom

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Art School Life Outside the Classroom

Art school life is different for everyone, but because art school brings together so many creatively like-minded people, social life at school can be a really positive experience.

You may have felt like an outsider in high school. You weren’t interested in the same things as all of your classmates, and your creative talents and personal style were at a different level than the average high school student. But don’t worry, this is what sets you apart from other people, what originally drew you to art school, and what will make your art school life a success.

Art School Life

Art school life is different, because as an art student you will be surrounded by students and instructors that share your same creative spirit. No one will be just like you, but you will be welcomed for having your own independent creative voice, and perspective.

Art schools work to match people with creative talents and interests with other students that share the same passions and visions, so that together, the students and the instructors can grow.

Social Life at School

Art school offers a number of clubs, organizations, and activities to get involved with to keep your social life at school productive and busy.

At The Art Institute of California—San Francisco students can join groups like the photo club, the interior design club, or the Alpha Beta Kappa national honors society. These groups offer you the opportunity to make friends doing what you love while building your resume and learning about your field in an out-of-the-classroom environment.

At Miami International University of Art and Design students can join groups ranging from the AIGA, the professional association for design, to the school’s club soccer team, and everything in between.

No matter what you are into, art school has a social outlet that will help you to connect with your fellow classmates helping you to grow as a person as you learn as a student.