Design Jobs, Options for Graduates Vary

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Design Jobs, Options for Graduates Vary

Art school students who graduate with a degree in advertising, interior design, graphic design, or industrial design have a myriad of options when it comes to pursuing design jobs. Design careers can range from the traditional options to those a little less conventional.

Advertising Jobs

Graduating from advertising school means students can start working in jobs like:

  • junior copywriter
  • junior graphic designer
  • marketing specialist
  • associate creative director
  • project coordinator
  • junior account manager
  • media planner
  • junior sales manager

Advertising jobs can be found at places like advertising agencies, corporate marketing and branding departments, direct marketing companies, and more.

Interior Design Jobs

Art school graduates with an interior design degree can pursue entry-level jobs like:

  • interior designer
  • interior project designer
  • architectural assistant
  • project designer
  • facility and space planner
  • CAD draftperson
  • furniture interior designer

Interior design jobs can be found in places like corporations, architecture firms, design firms, commercial retailers, and more.

Graphic Design Jobs

With a graphic design degree, art school graduates can apply for jobs like:

  • graphic designer
  • graphic design specialist
  • graphic artist
  • production artist
  • junior art director
  • computer graphics artist
  • visual designer

Graphic design graduates work in places like advertising agencies, design studios, TV studios, publishing houses, government entities, and more.

Industrial Design Jobs

Art school graduates with an industrial design degree can go after jobs like:

  • model maker
  • studio assistant
  • illustrator
  • exhibit builder
  • product designer
  • junior industrial designer
  • technical designer
  • user experience designer

Industrial designers work in places like architectural firms, industrial design studios, testing facilities, manufacturing companies, and more.