Extracurricular Activities in High School to Prepare for Art School

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Extracurricular Activities in High School to Prepare for Art School

The admissions committees at art schools are looking for well-rounded students who have demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm, leadership, and teamwork skills. The best ways to develop these qualities is to participate in extracurricular activities in high school. 

Playing sports and being elected to student council are not the only activities that matter on college admissions applications. There are a variety of student clubs, organizations, and teams that can give you opportunities to express yourself and showcase your talents. You don’t have to have a long list of activities to prove you are dedicated. Carefully selecting the extracurricular activities that best fit your interests and skills can offer you the most personal and academic fulfillment. Being fully involved in a few activities is better than only being a little involved in many activities.

Extracurricular Activities in High School for College Admissions

  • Arts and Crafts Clubs

Arts and crafts include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and knitting. These clubs can help you build on your creativity and problem-solving skills while having fun at the same time.

  • Computer and Technology Clubs

These clubs typically allow students to strengthen their computer skills and experiment with the latest computer software/hardware. Activities may also include animation, web design, and game design and development.

  • Cooking Club

Cooking club provides an outlet for students interested in cooking and enjoying delicious and healthy food. You can enhance your culinary skills and share your passion for cooking and food.

  • Film Club

Movie buffs can share their appreciation of film in this club. In some film clubs, students also learn filmmaking and video production techniques.

  • Student Newspaper

In addition to reporting, writing, and editing, the school newspaper gives students with artistic skills in photography, illustration, and graphic design a chance to work on a publication.

  • Theater Crew

If you are interested in fashion design, set design, and audio and video production, consider the theater crew. Theater crew members design and build sets, make costumes, and operate lighting and sound equipment.

  • Yearbook

As a yearbook staff member, you can help organize, plan, write articles, edit photos, and lay out pages. Working on the yearbook also gives you an opportunity to communicate with the different segments of the school population. 

Remember, the most important thing is what you get out of participating in extracurricular activities. Your dedication and ability to balance your studies and non-academic pursuits will be assets when you are in art school.