Graduate School Offers Options

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Graduate School Offers Options

Art school isn’t only for students who are just starting out. Graduate programs at an art school can also offer an education in the arts for students who already have a degree. Or, it can supplement an undergraduate art degree with business or other non-art related skills.

Graduate school can mean pursuing a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. Typically, graduate schools offer programs in a variety of areas – some centered around the arts and some not. Those with an undergraduate degree in an arts-related field may want to explore graduate school for anything from accounting and engineering to political science and criminal justice.

Of course, there are also a variety of graduate school programs with more artistic curricula, too. For example, at The Art Institutes schools, graduate-level programs include Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Design & Media Management, Film, Interior Design, and Visual Arts*. Other graduate schools may offer programs such as fine arts, art history, and drama, among others.

Choosing which type of program to pursue at graduate school depends on each individual and their personal and professional goals. Some graduate school programs can also help artistic individuals hone their business skills.

Like some other graduate programs, Design & Media Management is attractive to junior and mid-level professionals who want to hone their critical management skills within the context of creative industries, organizations, or teams, says Jerry Johnson, chair of the Design & Media Management program at Miami International University of Art & Design.  

“The Master of Arts in Design & Media Management is a graduate program created to prepare students for professional opportunities in management in a variety of creative enterprises,” he says. “We do live in a growing creative economy where managers with an acumen for both art and design as well as business are in increasing demand.”

Whether a creative individual chooses to build upon their undergraduate art education or supplement it with skills in a business or other program, graduate schools offer plenty of options.

 *Program offerings vary by location.