Top Tips for Networking at Your Art School

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Top Tips for Networking at Your Art School

Networking is essential at art school. The better connected you are, the more in-demand you’ll be when you embark on your career. Start networking at art school through:

  • Instructors — Usually well-known in their fields, teachers can give students a reference or even connect them with entry-level job opportunities.
  • Students — Establish relationships with peers, and keep in touch. They may have contacts that you don’t. You never know where your art school classmates will land. Someday, they may work on a project that needs your expertise.
  • Industry Events — Discover new trends and new faces in the business. You can make connections with established veterans and up-and-comers.
  • Professional Associations — These groups offer a roomful of knowledgeable professionals in your field looking to network with each other and with you.
  • Internships — Coworkers can help you to expand your network within your chosen industry. When working on a project, socialize. You can make a lot of helpful connections that may lead to future entry-level job opportunities.

You know what they say: It’s not necessarily what you know, but who you know. The connections you make in art school are an important investment in your career.