Using Your Creative Talents in Everyday Life

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Using Your Creative Talents in Everyday Life

As an artistic person, you have the ability to understand and appreciate creativity better than the average individual. You are able to use this talent to network, solve everyday problems, and realize when you’ve spotted a true work of art.

Matthew Seltzer, a new student employment and alumni coordinator at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, says that art school students can use their creative talents when networking.

“Many times I’ve witnessed students engage in a conversation by latching onto their area of interest, and expanding on that to interact with entire groups of people,” Seltzer says. “Just like the rest of us use our own experiences and interests to interact at networking events, art students manage to take their love of their respective fields and use it to build their networks, maintain discussions, and bring interesting topics to any table.”

As an artistic person, you are also able to get more out of a visit to an art museum or an art show than other people can.

“At artistic havens, including museums and art shows, the eyes of these students grow wide as they view much more than the rest of us pay attention to,” Seltzer says. “They see technique and further potential, where we often see only what the artist managed to lay directly in front of us.”

You are also able to appreciate the creativity in everyday objects, because of your artistic personality.

“This desire to see more than the obvious extends further in the world however, as everything from floor designs to landscapes to the chair layout at a concert venue holds the potential for creativity within the eyes of an art student, who is constantly exploring the possibilities of what the artist might have originally intended and what those intentions might do to further educate their creative minds,” Seltzer says.

Since you take the time to appreciate the art in even the smallest everyday things, you’re constantly coming up with new ways to incorporate creativity into your life.

“Art school students are very talented at developing creative solutions to everyday problems,” Seltzer says. “They are generally hands on individuals who have no problem ‘trying things out’ to see if they like the solutions, and equally have no problem scrapping their ideas if they aren’t satisfied.”

As an artistic person, you are often able to do things on your own that other people would have to hire someone else to do for them.

“A design student will look at a backyard of rocks, dirt and trash, and quickly see how those items are the foundation for their modern art backyard, where most people would need to call and landscaper and a trash collector immediately,” Seltzer says. “These students are capable of making creative dinners from a week’s worth of leftovers, where most others would throw everything away and go to a restaurant.”

Art students can also use their creative talents later in life. Many creative people are able to save money by doing things such as designing their own wedding centerpieces, cooking gourmet dinners instead of going to five star restaurants, and decorating their homes so beautifully that they resemble something out of a magazine.

“This unique flare opens the world to much more possibilities than the average individual,” Seltzer says.