Who Will Be Successful in Art School?

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Who Will Be Successful in Art School?

You’re looking for an art school education because you are a creative thinker who wants to purse a career in what you love. You will have the ability to excel once you’ve enrolled in a program that combines your creativity with motivation and focus. Passion, dedication, and persistence are also key ingredients you’ll need in order to have a successful art school education.

“We tell our students that if they want to come here they have to want to come here,” says Sharon Wright, senior director of The Art Institutes high school programs office in Texas.

Wright says that prospective students need to have a strong desire to study a particular field, and they also need to be on-task. She believes that a successful student is one who doesn’t miss class and is dedicated to what they are doing.

You can impress your employers by showing your creativity and commitment to sticking with a project through completion.

The creative gene combined with passion and commitment is essential. Kathy Deaner, dean of student affairs at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, says art school students have known what they wanted to do their whole lives. “They didn’t wake up one morning and say, ‘Oh, I want to cook.’ They’ve been cooking since they were six. They all seem to be following a path that they took as kids.”